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The following guidelines will be in force from Wednesday 13th of May. I will have no hesitation in telling anglers to leave who do not follow these rules to the letter WITHOUT a refund. Please do not put me in the position where I have to remind you all of your own responsibilities to protect yourselves and to help stop the spread of Covid 19.


1. NO visitors will be allowed on site

2. Under no circumstances will anglers be allowed to leave their swim. PLEASE do not visit other anglers on other swims and this includes taking photos of angler’s fish or for a chat. In case of problems please contact John on 07739082888.

3. We respectfully ask all customers to take their rubbish away with them to help with hygiene.

4. All anglers are to arrive and pay in the honesty box before fishing, enter the fishery through the open gate without touching it, walk down the bank to their swim and stay their for the duration of their visit. in no circumstances should you walk above the bank.

5. All anglers are to adhere to a strict social distancing policy when entering the fishery and while fishing. This is not to be broken under any circumstances.